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Shadow of the Colossus - Colossus XII

I was responsible for several natural areas in Shadow of the Colossus PS4.
This included world building rock formations, vistas, and foliage, grass and ground material painting, ground to rock transitions, and decal placement. I also made initial passes on the water materials, and added scum and foam layers.
The architecture for this level was built by Matthew Via. Alexis Boyer built the foliage assets. Troy Mishler produced final water materials.
I was an honor to work on this classic title with such a great team!

Mark Skelton - Art Director
Alexis Boyer - Foliage Artist
Michael Kahn-Rose - Lighting Artist
Troy Mishler - Env. Artist
James Mestemaker - VFX Artist
Matthew Via - Ruins and Rock Sculpts
Alexander Lawrence - Rock Sculpts