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Demon's Souls - Boletarian Palace - Inner Ward

Welcome to my Demon's Souls PS5 gallery! I am proud to have worked on such a groundbreaking title -- alongside a team with the utmost in ingenuity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. Special thanks to the Tech Art and FX teams who made the areas come to life.
I built this hidden sewer access pool and its surrounding buildings in the otherwise "fancier" section of Boletaria.

My responsibilities were:
- re-composing scenes to make sense out of block geometry, and creating dramatic compositions and focal points
- modeling out a new environment shell and structures
- sculpting and blend map painting terrain and walls
- applying destruction and wear and tear
- world building scenes with foliage, natural and architectural kit pieces

Mark Skelton - Art Director
Adam Rehmann - Concepts
Benjamin Parker - Architectural Concepts
Christian De Los Santos - Environment Lead
Justin Wagner - Materials Lead
Michael Kahn-Rose - Lighting Lead
Matthew Via - Kit Sculpts
Willow Hermoso - Kit Sculpts
Alexis Boyer - Foliage Artist
Ryne Shearin - Additional foliage placement/polish