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Demon's Souls - Tutorial - Vanguard

Welcome to my Demon's Souls PS5 gallery! I am proud to have worked on such a groundbreaking title -- alongside a team with the utmost in ingenuity, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. Special thanks to the Tech Art and FX teams who made these areas come to life
This tutorial area went through many iterations and polish passes since it was one of the first areas we built.

My responsibilities were:
- re-composing scenes to make sense out of block geometry, and creating dramatic compositions and focal points
- modeling out a new environment shell and structures
- sculpting and blend map painting terrain and walls
- applying destruction and wear and tear
- world building scenes with foliage, natural and architectural kit pieces
- creating water sims and shaders unique to each area

Mark Skelton - Art Director
Christian De Los Santos - Environment Lead
Justin Wagner - Materials Lead
Alexis Boyer - Foliage Artist
Michael Kahn-Rose - Lighting Lead
Matthew Via - Kit Sculpts
Willow Hermoso - Kit Sculpts